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Seven Reasons on Why Silicone Doll Is A Must

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

1. On material: Platinum Silicone is non-porous which makes it with less possibility to get stained from clothes,easier to be cleaned. Even so,strongly suggest wear light color clothes for photo purpose.

2. On Smelling: Non Odor after a good professional treatment.

3. On Touching: maybe the closest in touch to a real person,neither too soft nor too hard feeling.

4. On Oil Leak: a well made silicone product is nearly no oil leaking. Suggest powder the doll well with baby powder regularly,it is fast and effective.

5. On Softness: Materials adopted to breasts and vagina are softer compared with that of the body.

6. On eye-catching paint: the latest tech makes it possible to have a realistic and lifelike painting(coating is more durable), the finished doll looks close to a real soul.

7. On bonus: a well-made silicone doll must be a piece of artwork first,then comes the meanings of doll owners imparted.


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