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How's Debue in Expo,Guangzhou

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

A hit debue in Expo,Guangzhou

Pre-order will be officially open on January 1st, 2018 (New Year's Day) at 10:30 am (global retailing price is RMB 23,800), with limited edition to 499 pieces worldwide, and only 99pieces within mainland China. Each product has an ID code, and code within China is from 001 to 099.

Tips: two head sculpt options for IGF-No.3 i.e. open or closed eyes (the default option is the eyes closed, price above is for the "default"option),"Deluxe edition" (open eyes+closed eyes) need extra cost RMB 8,000 yuan, heads are not for sale separately.

Buying link in Asia, please log on to our Asia general agent (pangu industry) Taobao Mall:

Product specifications: height: 160cm Weight: 33kgs bust: 84cm (lower bust) 61cm Waist: 53cm Hip: 85cm

Product Features: 1.Material: Platinum food-grade silicone (such as the material of the nipple on the baby feeding bottle) eco-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. 2. skeleton: alloy+engineering plastics, ergonomics movable joints , articulated finger joints (not simply wire bending). 3. vagina: "zero" degree platinum silicone(equivalent to TPE softness), split type design,replaceable vagina,clean easily. Accept customized order: three sizes vagina are available or can be customized(additional charge needed) 4. head sculpts options(open eyes or closed eyes,)extra charges needed if buyer need two heads together,we don’t sell heads separately,optional eye color, hair color and hair style. 5.split body design, make it easier to transport,carry and clean (one body,two hands,two Legs, five parts in total) customized beautification methods of the connecting parts are welcomed. 6, extreme less mold-seam coverage,customized flat or three dimensional tattoos is possible.

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