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Demonstration on how to use Gynoid Repair kit...

Updated: Oct 12

how to repair the loosen joints with gynoid repair kit

here we take an example,to repair the loose knee.

step 1,move low leg and judge where the loosen joints,then cut along way the mold line.

step 2, from vial A and B,take the same amount of material, 1:1 scale,well mix them together,the mixture is the so called,gynoid repair kit,which maybe the best cure to repair gynoid dolls.

PS: the mixture will become dry after minutes,so do repair as soon as possible.

each time take out a proper amount materials from each vial and mix them well and do the reparation.

well keep the repair kit,the shelf life around 4 or 5 months

currently,we provide free repair kit, gynoid doll owners only need to pay shipping fee.

wish you a great stay with gynoid gals ^^

take care and stay healthy.

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