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Frequestly Asked Questions

Updated: Jun 3

Dolls from the same factory,why in different photos,with different makeup effects ?

1.the makeup of each doll is done by hand, so it is impossible to be exactly the same, and there will be a little bit difference in different photos.

2. the light, angle and techniques in shooting will cause the visual differences.

Gynoid dolls’ makeup will peel off ?

the makeup of dolls is achieved by a special silicone paint plus a top confidential painting techniques. Under normal circumstances,makeup will not lose, like coating a thick film to the surface of skin, the coating will gradually fade and become thinner over time.

Will Gynoid dolls be dyed?

Since silicone gets stained, so dark clothes is not recommended. New clothes should be washed several times before use,the decolonizing cream may destroy doll’s makeup,slight stains will gradually disappear after weeks.

What’s your advantages?

1. gynoid dolls have more perfect body figures and better realistic faces.

2. gynoid is the first doll factory in the world, who has been focusing on real lifelike dolls, realistic skin textures,blood vessels,freckles,etc. Under the premise of not affecting the beauty, we maximized the mobility of doll’s skeleton, so that all gynoid dolls have articulated finger joints(new bodies with toes joints,too).

3.Gynoid dolls are closer to the real persons in softness.

Gynoid dolls can take bath?

Such products (including other brands), it's not recommended to rinse with water, let alone,bathing. the skeleton inside doll is made of metal and winded with foamed silicone, so if doll is soaked in water,very likely that water enters into doll body and cause the metal surface to rust or odor. The recommended cleaning method is a regular wiping with talcum powder, if there is dirt, wipe gently with cotton or wet towel.

Why gynoid doll is more expensive ?

1. Our products, from prototyping to painting is the result of a joint efforts of well-known artists at home and abroad, a combination of the traditional hand sculpting, 3D modeling and 3D printing. There are more than 20 people in the R&D team. The delicate color of product is looming, the stunning portrait of texture,production process,etc, all represent the highest level and the most complex craftsmanship of today,the articulated finger joints are unique at the time.

2. In terms of raw material selection, we only use high-grade platinum silicone and food-grade foamed silicone.

Why gynoid chose foamed silicone as filler ?

At present, there are roughly two types of filling methods in doll industry. One way is to add internal filler and cover the outside by silicone skin; the second way is to use all silicone. Materials of the internal fillers vary widely, such as foamed sponge, foamed PU, foamed silicone, etc. In order to be truly safe for doll owners, we chose foamed silicone, which has a higher cost and a more complicated production process, some advantages:

1. less weight, about 20% less than that of a full silicone doll.

2.increase the tensile strength of the silicone layer and prevent the metal skeleton from directly contacting the silicone surface, which can effectively protect the silicone layer.

3.except for the skeleton, the raw materials are truly made of silicone, without any other impurities, the raw material will do no harm to users. terms of material and production costs, our choice is obviously more costly, but we don't want to give up our original intention to design and create the high-end art collectibles for fans.

Do you accept customization?

Customization is divided into private customization and semi customization. We provide options such as eyes color,wig,vagina cavity,head,public hair etc, if buyers customize their dolls within the available options,which is called the semi-customization. At the same time, we also support private customization, but it must comply with relevant laws and regulations.

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