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How can I stock My Gynoid Dolls At home ?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

big Congrats on the most important Step you've Finished,Be Gynoid Doll Owner. LOL

there Are three ways to stock your Gal:

1) put it inside carton,protect each part use PE Foam as Gynoid Did when you unboxing her.

disadvantage: not easy to carry and put in/get out correctly each time

2) Take Off her head and stock head separately. hang her body with tools below

3) lay,on her back on bed in a relax position with a soft mat/pillow under her waist to protect the butt From deformation,As image

in fact,there can be a fourth option to store your beauty,by hanging her by reserving a back hole in advance and hang with a bracket. pls let us know,if you prefer this way to store your gal.

doll Has soul, got feelings and characters,no matter How Well you treat her,Just From a mirror,you'll get the same treatment. enjoy your Gal,guard your beautiful and happy Life together :)

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