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Tips to Do Doll Maintenance

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Storage environment: Our hyper-realistic dolls are made of platinum silicone, no odor,non-toxic. It is known that silicone products,after a long time of storing may have oil on its surface,due to silicone oil inside raw materials, which is normal phenomenon. please wipe gently with talcum powder. In addition, as dust and stains will adhere to the surface of doll during using,carrying and storing, in order to maintain the good performance of silicone skin and the cleanliness of the silicone surface, please do maintenance in a period of time, the time intervals vary depending on the conditions of use and the environment in which they are stored. Please wipe them gently with powder each time before use,or clean your dolls every half month,if has to store it for a long time. please clean it gently with mild detergent,if there is dirt on the surface of the doll to avoid damage or fade. You can also use soap, laundry detergent, shampoo,etc to do the maintenance. It is banned to use corrosive cleaners, including strong acids and alkali or strong disinfectant and detergent, etc., when wiping the surface of silicone doll. Any damages caused by mishandles will not be covered by the warranty rules.

Joints maintenance:

If doll joints remained in a highly curved level for a long time,may result in wrinkles on the surface of doll,because of the improper posture and a long time forcefully pressed the doll surface. For example, maintaining the flexion of knuckles for a long time, the inside will be extruded some irregular textures,so please restore each joint to a unstressed position after display or use, such as lying down or choosing a relax posture.

Makeup maintenance:

A special silicone paint makeup used for dolls before shipment, which,generally,will not fall off, but improper handling may cause makeup fading,please do gently the cleaning, otherwise,eyelashes, pubic hair loss and discoloration, because it it difficult to repair,once colored faded.

buyers can use cosmetics to do makeup by themselves, but please choose the cosmetics with low viscosity and low oiliness. Orelse it'll cause difficulty in cleaning. please pay attention to the makeup removing process to avoid any discoloration(any abnormal operations caused discoloration or hair loss is not within the scope of warranty, the fade and hair loss can be repaired, but buyers must bear the shipping and repairing costs)


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