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What kinds of Six breakthroughs Achieved by Gynoid

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

1、each finger joint can be moved: imitated of human finger bones structure, can pose any position, a breakthrough second to none in the world.

2、no deformation: long time standing, seat or bed will not be deformed, avoid the embarrassment that dolls can only be hung up. 3、color: color painting is a high simulation of the human skin, including blue ribs, bloodshot and other details, not easy to fade (excluding malicious friction). No longer exists the feeling “I’m playing fake dolls,it can't be displayed... “  we are not only making sex toys, but also art collections. 4、softness: we carefully adjusted the softness and hardness of various parts of doll to make sure it feels closer to the human body, it’s a breakthrough to the common defect of too hard touching response of the traditional silicone doll.5、the mold line:hardly see mold seams on the body, the doll looks more perfect. 6、Detachable body: Detachable limbs, easy to transport,to clean, to carry, and convenient to do maintenance.

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