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Tips on safely unboxing Gynoid Dolls...

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

how to unboxing gynoid dolls?

Your exciting feelings is understandable when just welcomed your beauty home,

yet,calm down and be careful and follow tips to get your beauty out of her temporary home for protection during transportation.

Step1. when package arrived,check How's the overall situation of the carton ↓

doll pack,Safely protect,Well wrapped box
Well packed and protected carton

Step 2,a well protected inside of carton must be like This↓

doll protector,PE FOAM
PE Foam Well protected

Step 3, carefully take out doll head first,try to clean and dry your hand in advance,one hand holds top of head and the other the bottom of head,avoid to touch her make up.

well protected head named Laura
well protected head

Step 4,there Are Two ways to Take doll body out of carton. if you have assistant,One Person holding doll shoulders,the other person holding ankles and lift her body out of carton. however,if you have to get doll body out on your own,then suggest do prior exercise,make sure breathe,arms,waist,legs Are ready.

lift her arms First,waist,legs...↓

Step 5,put the body on bed in a sitting position,put on her head and Take care of wig↓

back view the ready girl
back view the unpacked girl

Step 6, although factory will do baby power before shipment,still suggest you do a good baby powder on the whole body when doll arrived to avoid oil leaking.

Step 7, light color fittings Are suggested to avoid stains.

Step 8, As for how to stock,Pls refer to the post earlier

Merry Christmas ^^

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