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Callies,platinum silicone+alloy skeleton


Age: 27
Blood group: O
Birthday: April 16th
Constellation: Aries
Height: 160cm                                                      

Weight: 27kgs
BWH: 85/60/90 or 88/60/91cm                                

Cup: C
Hobbies: red wine,yoga,movies


1) interchangable body of YUI SHINOHARA or MISATO SHINOHARA                   

2) vagina(built-in/removable)                                                                                                             

3) tight/loose machenical skelton are available                                                                         

4) vagina depth 15cm/18cm                        

5) eye color,black/grey                                    

6) hair,pls refer to sampling photos

Gynoid Doll CALLIES+MODEL06(160CM)

eye color
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